Plotting The Resurrection

I've always been attracted to this phrase (also the title of a book by Donna Schaper). Being brought up in the Episcopal Church, I was familiar with Easter stories; we acted them out in Sunday School. In seminary, we discussed and argued about what resurrection meant for people living in the 20th century.

When I came across "Plotting the Resurrection" as a young adult, it tickled my imagination. Sounded like God was a mystery writer, thinking up ways to surprise us, to open up our eyes to something new. (I felt ready for something new, feeling a little bored with the predictability of the cycles of the church year).

Later, serving as Curate for a church in Western Massachusetts, I read an intriguing short story by the Rector, having the same title. His story was about a dying woman who intentionally "plotted" a way for her daughter, skeptical about life after death, to be comforted. (It involved spring bulbs). Having now presided at many funerals, I find myself delighted by the ways I sense more to life than a dance on our planet, as wonderful as that can be! Some of it entails sensing the guidance of people who love me who have died. Some of it is listening to many stories told by others of "knowing" a loved one who has died is comforting or guiding them. And then, there's the Second Sunday of Easter when Jesus returns to comfort his friends (and us, as well!)

I no longer worry about the details I do take comfort and delight in knowing God's love for us never ends. And when I hear the words of Jesus: "I AM Resurrection and I AM Life" my heart replies: "Hallelujah! He is Risen!"

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